New Orleans Day Trip, Photo Walk


Pushing My Limits… So, I have never been comfortable taking pictures of people I did not know.  Street photography was one of my challenges for the day.  I have always enjoyed shooting landscapes and “things”, especially airplanes, but, this was New Orleans and there were lots of people and animals to photograph.  I did enjoy shooting the street performers, they put themselves out there and don’t mind being on the glass side of the camera, especially if you put some jingle in their bucket.  This black & white version of NOLA Man is my favorite shot of the day.

My other favorite shots were of the St. Louis Cathedral and the colorful banners I just called Mardi Gras. The slideshow below will scroll through my picks of the day.  Below the slideshow is a gallery view of the selected images.  Please click on any image to see a larger, more detailed view and I would love some comments or feedback (good or bad) about what you think of the shots.  We are really enjoying the “blog thing”, if you like what you have seen, please subscribe by entering your e-mail address in the box to the right or “LIKE” us on Facebook at

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Gallery of images Below…Click any photo to see a larger, more detailed view and please feel free to comment.


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  1. The st. Louis Cathedral reminds me of the castle in Disneyland. For some reason, most of the photos in this series remind me of the fun we used to have whenever we visited as kids. Maybe it’s time for me to visit New Orleans and have some grown-up fun? Love these, all of them!

    • Thanks… You are right, the Cathedral does look like the castle at Disneyland until you go inside and there is plenty of grown-up fun to be had in NOLA!

  2. Shay Chedotal

    The pictures are beautiful. I noticed you took pictures of the good side of NOLA – daytime. I love going home and playing tourist. I’ve been to several weddings in the cathedral and I feel like I spend most of the time staring and looking around vs paying attention to the nuptuals currently pending. It is a beautiful place. Glad you started your blog andI look forward to additional posts. Love you guys!

  3. Thanks for the sweet words, Shay – we are having a ball! The cathedral was spectacular, absolutely took my breath away. I can see why you would miss the nuptials and be distracted by it’s beauty. Had a great day in NOLA – it had been a long time since we had been there. Naturally brought home the souvenirs of a couple pounds, but it was definitely worth it! Love you back!

  4. Hi there! You got some great shots!! My favorite is the B&W Bicycle – the perspective and composition is stellar. Also glad you had a great time NOLAing! 😀 -Sooz

    • Thanks for the comments… we are looking forward to another trip down to NOLA, maybe even take in a concert.

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