RC Jets at Raymond, MS Airport

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RC Jets…  Once a year the Raymond, MS Airport (KJVW) hosts a group of remote control jet enthusiasts from all over the country.  The Mississippi Afterburner Jet Rally is a 3 day event showcasing some of the best examples of remote controlled jets that can be found. This event is a fundraiser to generate scholarships for the Aviation Technology Department at Hinds Community College. Mississippi Jets Radio Control Club established the scholarship fund to enhance and support aviation education in our local community. The Mississippi Afterburner Jet Rally is the sole funding source for these scholarships. These are not your average “weird uncles” remote controlled airplanes… (no offense, i’ve been that guy) – these plane have real jet engines burning kerosene at tens of thousands of RPM’s!  Some of these guys have the same amount of time in building their RC planes as we do in building our full size homebuilt plane and you could buy a really nice Cessna 150 for the dollars they have invested.

I tried my hand at remote control airplanes about 15 years ago… I was much better at building the planes than flying them.  Take it from someone who has done both, it is much easier to fly a real airplane from the left seat than it is to fly an RC plane headed toward you at 100+ MPH and some of these planes are flying at 200 MPH!

Check out the video below…

HDR…  As usual, I had to take a few handheld HDR pics as seen below and to the upper left.  The photo below was so full of color that it really stood out in my eye and the vertical crop on the above photo shows the guts of one of these complicated birds.  Click on the images for a larger view.

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  1. Yes, I agree with your post. Even though I fly jets, I suck majorly at flying RC airplanes! I bought an EDF L-39 the other day, let’s just say it didn’t make it through the day.

  2. I hate to hear that you lost one… I did not know until I went to this event that there was such a thing as an electric Jet (EDF). At least it was not one of the $10k ones!

  3. great event for a great cause..i personally have no experience with rc jets or planes but i am a big rc cars fan,but i like these types of events especially if they are backing up a good cause.I wish you all the best and hope that you will continue organizing this event in the coming years also.Thumbs up for KJVW

  4. I hate to hear that you lost one but Yes, I agree with your post.I suck majorly at flying RC airplanes. I had an rc-helicopter before few days Rc-Helicopter mini 4 channel 2.4Ghz and i’m enjoying it.

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